Winter vacation

Gustav typing. Yesterday Anny and I had a final exam in Business Strategy, meaning that we're kind of having winter vacation from now on. The only things that's left are listening to some presentations today in  the Advertising class and tomorrow we've our presentation in Business English. The presentation isn't a big deal for us though and all our school books are lying in some corner of our rooms at the moment, waiting for the decision to be packed or not. 
The exam yesterday was a nightmare though. Like before it was multiple choices, but gosh were the questions hard to understand. Our professors English skills aren't the best during presentations and I must say he isn't the best professor either, but he probably means well. But when it comes to write questions on a final he sure knows how do make them complicated, using all the difficult words in English he knows in just one sentence. Sometimes I had a problem even understanding what he was asking for. Some Koreans left after only 15 minutes and my only guess is that the laungage was to hard for them so that they just guessed through the whole exam.
We both feel like we passed it though, so we're embracing the vacation now. For one whole mont we don't need to think about studying at all. Well, obviously both me and Anny are going to work all the time instead.
It feels like we're living in a bubble, I had no clue that Christmas Eve is just one week away. In two weeks we will embrace the new year instad. Time flies.
On saturday morning we're leaving and on sunday I'll find myself working at Hemtex, just like I've never been gone. 

Korea during winter

I could never have imagined that the winter in Korea would be like this, we're actually finding ourselves freezing. A lot. Can we really call ourselves true Scandinavians? Especially me, Gustav, who are from north Sweden? The Koreans tell us that this winter is colder than last year, and at the moment we're mostly between zero and minus five degrees. It's a completely different kind of cold than we're used to though, it goes right into your bones. I am wearing my expensive coat from Customellow and Anny her (fake) fur from Monki, she really does look like bear sometimes. 
Even though I've seen snow (and maybe a little bit too much of it) all my life I am still amazed by all the snow in Korea. It looks so beautiful with all the Korean buildings and nature covered in snow. 

Countdown: 6 days.

Anny here. I can now say that it has started to sink in that we are soon leaving. Feels like we have so much left to do and we don´t know where to start. The last final exams are tomorrow, and then we can really relax and do whatever we want to do. I find it very hard to focus on the studyin when so much in going on right now in my head. That´s why I am writing on the blog, because everytime I do it I feel relieved. It´s some sort of therapy for me and helps me clear my mind for the day. 
The past week has contained a lot of studies but we´ve managed to do a lot of fun things to. We hang out with many friends and tried to seize every moment we have left in Korea. 
The snow have finally reached Korea, but I actually don´t have any good pictures to show you. I don´t know why but I am not that fascinated about snow as everyone else. Maybe it´s because I´ve seen it too much in Sweden. 
7 December.
Brunch with Ahmi, Gustav and Sebastien <3 After that, we did a group assignment together in Advertising in Society cuz we had a presentation to do. 
7 December.
We were all going out clubing except for Johanna because she felt sick :( She stayed at home but we updated her with snapchat pictures the whole night so she kinda felt like she was participating anyway XD
7 December.
Out in Hongdae @ underground club EXIT. BEEEEER.
10 December.
Coffee time with Kyle from International Student Lounge and Gustav! So cozy and we had a really nice time together. You´re the best Kyle!
10 December.
Later that day, we had some delicious icecream at Baskin & Robbins with Ahmi. Oh my freakkin god I will miss that so much. It´s the most creamy, yummy and soft chocolate icecream I´ve ever had in my whole life. It´s called Sam´s chocolate pie. TRY IT FOR GODS SAKE! 
12 December.
Final presentation about our project in Visual Merchandising. Thank god it´s over!!!! It took so much time to finish building the store, but we finally made it. So proud, but unfortunately I don´t have a photo with my group on my computer so I can only show this one with only me in it haha. We are the best Stina!
12 December.
This wonderful woman is my buddy Christina as you all know;) 
We went to Hand´s up later that day to celebrate that we finished the course. My beer belly is growing bigger...I hated beer before I came to Korea but I have to admit that I´ve recently started to like it >.< Bye bye beach 2014. 
13 December. 
Absolutely love love love this picture! We all look so cute <3 Fantastic four.
13 December.
Dinner at a Irish bar in Itaewon. I had the best burger ever and literally ate like a horse and cleaned the plate in 10 minutes xD
13 December.
And of course we went out clubing after that, the usual route a friday night here in Korea. We started at a bar called Prost. I can´t really describe it but it´s very nice for pre-partying. They have live DJ and the music is so great and sets you on party mode immediately. The prices are okay and we always drink the shot "Quick fuck" when we are there haha, cheers!
13 December.
Gustav, Paul and me <3
A photo from a very good angle. Gustav, you really know how do to this;) #mingle
14 December.
Gustav was studying hard yesterday...So focused! I obviously wasn´t because I was playing with my phone and taking pictures.. 
And that was a summary of the last two weeks. Hope you will enjoy reading it and I will try to study hard now so I can enjoy the last days here with a good conscience.


Gustav typing. First of all: I'll never ever write about my health conditions on this blog again, apparently my grandmother got really worried because of what I wrote last time. Grandma, you should know my know that you never need to worry about me! When I woke up on thursday morning I felt so much better that I decided not to go to the doctor at all. The only reason that I got worried was if there was any risk that I would get a heart attack or anything if I drank alcohol, which we do way often now since it's less than two weeks left.
Me and Anny are having a quite hard time at the moment, facing the fact that we're going home soon. We're very emotional and Anny often confess that she feels like she's going to cry. Two days ago we were at a café with our friend Joan and it was a very emotional moment. I guaranteed that we would still be in touch even when me and Anny are back in Sweden, but it's true that it still wouldn't be the same.
Yesterday was a true study day, but for being able to focus we started the day with a big brunch together with Ahmi and Sébastién, our team members. The four of us have a presentation in our class Advertising in Society this thuesday and we'll talk about product placement in dramas. Our opinion is that it's annyoing but still worth it in exchange of "better dramas", it's a very interesting topic and product placement is extremely common and more accepted here in Korea compared to Sweden. 
When the first group session was finished me and Anny met up with Price for our presentation in Business English. Our final presentation in this class must include a topic related to business and we're going to do a comparison between the Swedish and Korean government. Our focus is the Swedish welfare system and how Korea is on its way to adapt it, but there's still som big differences. The taxes in Sweden are way higher and we spend much more of it to social responsibility than Korea does for now.
See, we do study!
Ahmi and Anny during the brunch, doesn't it look delicious?!
 Price, me and Anny seem to be quite proud over what we have accomplished.


Anny here! It just hit me yesterday that it´s only 14 days remaining here in Korea for me and Gustav. A wave of anxiety washed over me. I´ve been living in a dream over here and I get so scared when I think of it, because I always have to worry about things in Sweden. I seriously feel sick when I realize that we will leave this country soon. I will miss the amazing people, the food, the clubs, the shopping, our cleaning lady in our building, my 8 squaremeters room, when people think I am korean, even the piles with garbage on the streets. It´s really hard to describe how I feel now. It feels like I want to cry all the time and can´t stop thinking about how lucky I am who got the opportunity to be here with my fantastic friends from Sweden. Thank you Korea for giving me such a good experience and I will come here again, I promise!
Okay, enough with my little emotional breakdown there, we have done a lot of things the past weeks and I´ve been tremendously bad at updating you guys. But yeah, I will use my usual "technique": picture + text below to show you:) 
We met Johanna´s buddy Hairi at campus, she was going to study at the library but stopped and talked to us for a while. She works at the schools café all the time, I can´t understand how she can manage studying and working so much at the same time. She is so cute and humble!
Another night in Hongdae at a nice and cozy bar called "Vinyl". Love you guys <3
Hairi took us to a restaurant near Juan Station in Incheon. We had barbeque with some omelet in the edge of the grill. The meet tasted like heaven! I will miss the food so much....Thinking about buying a korean BBQ grill when I get home haha. 
Gustav´s buddy Erica had her birthday two weeks ago and we had some beers together at a bar. She´s a very inspiring young woman with an amazing personality. Yes Gustav, you have the best buddy ever!
Luisa and I wanted to treat our friends with something nice, so we surprised them a saturday morning with Swedish gingerbread, nutella sandwich and tea. Everybody was really happy about it and we had the best breakfast ever since we came here!
Happy people in Hongdae last week! We really love this underground club called Exit. We are going there tonight and shake our asses of;)
Fantastic Ahmi from our schools International Student Lounge a.k.a ISL took me, Gustav, Jeremy and Sebastien to a sushi buffét. It was the sickest thing I´ve seen since I came here. The "rolling band" with the sushi was about 100 meters long. And beside the sushi they had hot food, sashimi, sweets, sallads, drinks, coffee...gaaaaah you name it! It was so delicious and my stomach was about to expload because of the amount of food I ate. Have to loose some weight when I come home!
Homesickness.....My sisters sends me a lot of pictures of what they are doing at home. They are preparing for Christmas and they made a gingercake house. It´s so pretty! I miss my family so much and I can´t wait until I can hug them and talk with them about everything ;(
This is our school project from the course Visual Merchandising. We have to create a brand and build a miniature of the store. Our stores name is "Shape Up", and the concept is indoor training clothes with a lot of colors. We have come a long way now, but it was not easy I must say....The communication is the biggest problem but anyway, I am very proud of what we´ve achieved so far! The deadline is on Monday so we really have to step it up to have a chance to finish it in time. 
We arranged a Christmas Party last thursday and it was really successful. Seemed like everybody had fun and had a lot of drinks;D. The best part with the party was the decorating part! We bought so much Christmas decorations that after we´ve decorated, it looked like Santa Claus vomited in our kitchen haha!
Well well, enough said for this time. Don´t know how many inputs I will write until we leave, maybe one or two more at least:)

Some updates

Hi, Gustabo here (my correct Korean name). Can't believe that I find myself being in december now, soon I'll be able to count the days that's let just on my fingers. Scary. I've been having a slight pain in my chest for about one week know and I think it's unconscious stress. The fun thing is that I am not stressed about my finals at all, but I guess I am having a harder time than I thought about leaving Korea and going back to Sweden. I'll go and visit the school's doctor tomorrow with my buddy Erica though, just to make sure that it isn't something serious.
As mention finals are coming up, but me and Anny are quite lucky because we only have one written exam and in the other courses we've oral presentations (three total). We do prefer having presentations since it means less studying, but obviously they're all group projects and sometimes the communication doesn't really work. In Visual Merchandising we're creating our own brand and building a store in 3D with interior and everything. Unfortunately I am the only Swedish person in my group together with three Koreans and one French, meaning that I speak more Korean than English. Which isn't much.
Some instagram updates:
Luisa and Anny suprised us all on saturday morning with a huge breakfast and had decorated the whole kitchen with christmas decorations. It might not be a traditionally advent candlestick but still it one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. 
Erica asked me once what my favorite hobby in Korea was. I answered shopping. Anny can only agree. So this monday we went to the post office and sent two huge packages home to Sweden with clothes, shoes and magazines. We choosed to send it with ship, which will take about three months...
Yesteday me and Anny went to a sushi buffé with Ahmi, Sébastién and Jéremy. It's impossible to describe.
It. Was. Amazing.

Time flies

Hi everyone! Gurutabo here, but I recently found out that the Korean name I was given isn't correct - it's suppose to be more similar to my English name (I am not suprised). But since my wrong name already is in all the schools paper I'll go with Gurutabo for one more month.
Time flies and it's less than a month left before me and Anny will be back in Sweden. I really miss Swedish food, my co-workers at Hemtex and all my friends. I was on Skype with Linnea for a couple of days ago and I thought my heart was going to break, it's a wierd feeling having a such close friend so far away.
But obviously I still don't want to go home, not yet. There's so many people I've got the honor to know and I feel like it's to early to leave. I've met so many warm-hearted people giving me another perspective of life. I never really understod the true meaning of exchange in 'exchange student' until some days ago, because there's a big exchange of knowledge and respect between countries. And most important of all: friendship.
The weather here is beautiful, it's like we're given perfect autumn days every day - with no rain. During our time here I think we've experienced rain about only four times (and one of those times was in Japan). I don't feel bad for missing the first snow in Sweden since I know I'll experience the snow during january, february, march, april... Something that's quite strange though is that we're missing the madness about christmas. I am receiving e-mails about christmas gifts and for weeks I've been able to se christmas advertising on Swedish webpages. I know that Hemtex are like a christmas wonderland at this moment, but here it's barely noticeable yet. It makes me forget that december is just one week away and I feel like I am still in october. 
Well anyway, let me update you with some pics (the Anny-way):
This is my "Korean family" that I love so much, being here wouldn't have been the same without them. The picture is from last weekend when we went out in Itaweon and started the night at this bar that was really nice. We're known as "the loud Swedes on the bottom floor" or just simply "Melrose Place".
Here I am having dinner with Garam and Ahmi. They're working at ISL (International Student Lounge) outside their studies and doing an excellent job with taking care of us exchange students. 
This beautiful girl is my student buddy Erica and it seems like INHA knows how to be a true matchmaker because me and Erica have so much in common that it's insane. The best quote from here is "Sometimes I wonder: Why am I so perfect?", something I really can recognize, haha.
 Me and Anny had brunch with Ahmi this friday, two of my favorite girls in Korea <3
Afterwards we visit the Kimchi Charity event at campus, here I am supporting my friend Billy.
 Later on friday night we went out for clubbing in Hondae. We hang with one of my korean friends, Paul, and his two friends from France. It was an awesome night with too many clubs and too much alcohol. Two glass of red wine, seven beers, one drink and two shots. Just gotta love Hondae.
 Yesterday (yes, hangover day) we went to Lotte World that was completely insane. We were quite shocked by all the action that was around us. Best part was the ice skating, me and Luisa showed that we were true scandinavians on the ice. We also tried to teach Anny of to ice skate but it didn't go so well...


Hello, Anny here!
Well, surprisingly, I am also going to write about our Tokyo trip! And because Gustav and I share the blog, some of the things Gustav wrote about will be sort of repeated in my post. So sorry for that, but I hope it will be interesting to read anyway. 
The whole trip went really smooth and it only took 1 h and 50 min to fly to Tokyo. Maybe it had something to do with that I basically slept the whole flight. Well, to wake up at 4.15 is not what I do everyday...
Tokyo took my breath away. I had very high expectations and Tokyo did not disappoint me! Cool is the only word I can come up with now to decribe it. Every second I spent there were full of excitement and happiness.
I´ve always wanted to visit this amazing city and now my dream has finally come true. The food we ate was unbeatable. OH.MY.GOD, the sushi?! I will find it very hard to eat the "sushi" in Sweden again. I´ve never tasted something like that before. The fish just melted in my mouth and even the ginger tasted better. And all the snacks, crepes, noodles and shabushabu. I am ridicilously weak for food, ask any of my friends haha. 
The shopping was really my cup of tea. The fashion in Tokyo is much more my style, and the fact that they had a lot of vintage stores made it even better. The fashion was so fun, bright, colorful and sometimes even outrageous. The Korean fashion is actually a little too "nice" for me, so I went bananas in Tokyo with the shopping! I also got to visit Monki, which is the brand I work for in Sweden. (Yes, Monki is Swedish and I am so proud that they´ve opened a store in Harajuku). I was really looking forward to visit this store so I got very emotional when I went in there. The smell of the store reminded me of my store in Sweden and all my colleagues. And all the fantastic clothes! I know, it sounds like I am advertising for Monki but, I really love the brand and the whole concept.
I just have to write something about their toilets. How luxurious isn´t it to sit on a warm toliet seat when you´ve been out in the cold? And all the functions on it was so sick. The toliet could even sense when I was close to it and opened the toilet lid by itself. I got pretty scared the first time haha. I kind of miss them actually. 
Eeeeh, have I told you that math is not my strength? Well, conversion of currency in my head also counts as math. It was very confusing to go from counting Korean won to Japanese yen...
Henrik, Stina & Gustav <3.
Henrik posing between the "capsules" we slept in. I was pretty skeptical first about them, but they turned out to be pretty cozy! And we lived really near Shinjuku, it took only 15 min with the subway. The only negative thing was you had to share with 20 other people in that room. Can you imagine the smell in the room after 4 nights...
I only had 8 plates:( Should have eaten more...
The "Mental Hospital Restaurant", where we were served freaky drinks. What a special experience!
At the bar "Albatross" in Golden Gai, Shibuya. Awesome night!
Yoyogi Park in Harajuku. People dressed up in traditional Japanese clothes and it was very beautiful. We were looking forward to see some cosplay too but they didn´t show up that Sunday. We obviously didn´t have the luck on our side that day:(
Haha, lovely Johanna at the lake in Yoyogi park <3
The kareoke bar was so fun. We all had a really good time and were laughing so much. Have to do this again!
We LOVE this face <3
And finally, Tokyo Tower. 


Hello! Gurtabo here, as usual - but I know that Anny has a big blog post coming up soon so don't ya worry! As you all know we were in Tokyo for a couple of days and had the most intense and exhausted experience ever, but obviously the best word do describe it with is amazing.
Tokyo sure is different compared to Seoul in many ways, first of all there's just so much people in Tokyo that you think you're going crazy - when you were crossing the street it sometimes felt like you were in a maraton. One of the biggest differences in my opinions is that you easily can tell that Tokyo is an "old city" when everything here in Korea feels quite new, adapted and flexible. I would always choose the metro system in Korea over Japan, it's no wonder that Tokyo has a rumor of having the worlds most difficult metro system. It went quite smootly for us though, bet we hardly ever travelled more than three stations.
When it comes to fashion Tokyo is obviously way more fun and interesting, the styles there were crazy and we just loved it. Unfortunately I had some problems with finding good clothes for me, I've realized that I am really into the typical Scandinavian style with its black on black. We were in Tokyo only for about four days and there's so much more to experience, but I would say that Korea suits me better. Tokyo is more crazy and here it's more commercial, which I must agree is more my style. 
Anyway, here comes some texts and pics about our trip:
We needed to go up 4.20 in the morning, do I need to say we were way tired? "We" by the way is me, Anny, Johanna, Josefina, Henrik, Stina, Hannes and Nadine. Luisa was in Tokyo the week before with her parents so we left here home alone, poor little baby... Everyone were dressed only in black, as always, making that Scandinavian statement, and I joked about that we were models going away for a photo shoot. The trip went extremely smooth, me and Anny slept during the whole flight which took about only two hours.
When we got to Narita airport we took an express train to the area our hostel was in. The trip took about one hour and 20 minutes and during the whole trip we could se beautiful landscapes and houses outside the window. Everything was green and it felt like we had been transfered back in time to summer again with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
The biggest chock for me was to realize that Tokyo had left-hand traffic! We tried to take a taxi two times to our hostel but they just wouldn't let us, saying that we should go to the other side of the street both times. We got really confused and a polite, Japansese woman tried to help us but only made our more confused. Somehow we were able to get a taxi and check in to our hostel which was a capsule-hostel, it's very common in Japan. So we shared a room with about 80 other people living in the small capsules, haha. It sure was an experience!
The first day we spent in an area called Shibuja and enjoyed the city life of Tokyo by doing some shopping and eating the best sushi ever from a rolling band. After the dinner we went for a drink at the wierdest place ever that gave you the vibes of a mental hospital there you sat in different cells. At one moment the music got really spoky and everything went dark, for a moment we all thought we were going to die. The drinks were as wierd at the place, some of them you drank from baby bottles and other you stirred with a dildo.
Everyone were extremely tired because of the early morning, but me and Henrik still managed to go out for some clubbing with a result of going to bed at 5 am and wake up three hours later for more sightseeing.
The second day we walked and walked and walked...We actually walked all day just visiting stores and doing Tokyo. In the evening we went to the coolest area ever with like a hundred different, tiny bars with only space for about eight people. You knock on the doors before you enter (only to realise it already is full). We realized that we needed to split up and me, Anny, Nadine and Stina were lucky to go to this awesome bar called Albatross that just was fantastic with burning candles and chandeliers.
After visiting some bars the others went out, but me and Johanna decided to go home instead for some sleep.
The third day we walked just a little bit more. We went to a huge park and walked around in beautiful nature, there was a lot of well dressed people walking around for a sundaywalk(?) and a lot of the kids were wearing traditonal japanese outfits.
In the evening we were all exhausted and dying for having som typical japanese food. We found a good place and just before going in the elevator some japanese guys fell out stinking alcohol, we just sighed and said that this would probably be a really quiet dinner since everyone were so tired.
We were so wrong about that. For 90 minutes we had a buffet of drinks and we ordered so much wine that we just could during that time. The food itself was really good, and social (as all asian food), which I would explain as "boiled pork" which was way better than it actually sounds. So the room got really hot after a while, and with all the wine on that we all had red, blushing faces.
Just like the guys before us, we also fell out from the elevator screaming and decided to go to a kareokebar. It was so fun, we had a huge room for ourselves and sang(?!) a lot of ABBA songs. After we been pretending to be pop-stars we went to a club with the best music ever. We danced from 01 to 04 nonstop and had a blast, for a while it was actually falling down snow form the roof. The club was totally crowded, and remember that this was on a sunday. Fun fact: a bottle of water had the same price as a Gin & Tonic.
The last day we slept for quite a while and (yes, you guessed right) did some more walking. The weather changed dramatically and we had rain for a while and it got quite cold. We also visited Tokyo Tower which was really cool with a quite similiar view as Namsan Tower here in Korea. The biggest difference was that in Tokyo they had gone crazy with the christmas decorations, so it was really cozy. 
On the morning after we left Tokyo and the trip home also went very smooth. Hello Incheon, see you again soon Tokyo. Very soon.

Turning into a korean

Hi everyone! Gurtabo here to make sure that you know that we still are alive. Me and Anny have been having two oral presentations in one week and next week we have another one, it seems like we never are able to just rest. This monday we had a 30 min presentation about the airline industry and its competition, it sure was difference from our school home back in Sweden there we only talk about the fashion industry. The presentation went great together with our friends Mauricio and Sebastien, we think the audience were quite schocked about our English skills. Sure, my accent is awful, but still, compared to others...
The topic in advertising this week was sex in advertising, something that all cultures and countries seemed to have what I could understand from the discussions. Sweden did stick out from the crowd though since our campaigns includes way more nudity than others and the fact that we don't really think that that's a big deal since we're so used to it. As said, Sweden is quite different from other countries. 
It feels like I am turning into a Korean. I don't remember the last time I used spotify because I only listen to K-pop these days and they're only available on Youtube so far for me. I have been watching more Korean movies than I can count and just recently I've been obessed with Korean dramas. It's like TV-series but the episodes are about 60 min and there's only "one season" so it's more lika very, very long movie. This week I've been watching like five-six episodes every day. I know, I am addicted. But I learn so much about the Korean culture and also it's makes it easier for me to learn the laungage. I've actually said that the only thing that stops me from moving here is the laungage, once I will be able to speak Korean you know what will happen.
Tomorrow I need to start to use my Japanese phrases instead since we're going to Tokyo for five days, friday-tuesday. It's the city I always have been wanting to go to, it's like a dream coming true. We don't have any specific plans yet but there's a lot of things we want to do obviously. There isn't that much Wifi in Japan compared to Korea though so don't you worry if you don't hear from us.
The fall has finally arrived to Korea for sure, isn't beautiful?!


Oh, what a weekend we had! I have not had a single dull weekend in Korea yet, is it even possible?! Halloween in Korea was really something special. We were looking forward to celebrate it and was brainstorming about what we wanted to dress up like. Josefina found out on the internet that Dongdaemun has a "toy street" where you can buy everything from kids toys to funny outfits. 
2013 November 1
And here we are after a subway trip of 1,5 hours. Johanna tried a few outfits.....The staff was not so happy about our little exploration in their store.
Our own little Cat woman Josefina <3
After the shopping, we went to Namdaemun market. It was totally amazing! All the food and novelties on the market made us completely hysterical. This was definitely not a one-time thing, gotta go back soon!
We had the famous Korean dish Bibimbap in Namdaemun. I always order this in Sweden whenever I go to Korean restaurants. But it´s a little different, the Bibimbap in Korea is almost always vegetarian, while the one in Sweden is with beef meat. However, vegetarian or not, I can´t get enough of it! Nomnomnom.
Josefina and I making a goofy grimace. This is actually Josefinas favorite grimace haha! I have also started doing it lately because it works for all occasions :P
2013 November 2
I ended up as my childhood idol Sailor Moon and Gustav was a innocent and handsome school by. Score!
Sailor Moon vs Sexy priest. 
Cutest Hit Girl ever!
Handsome Captain carries a drunken Sailor moon haha.
Lolita, Captain, Sailor boy and Sailor Moon on their way out! We were supposed to go to a party in Jonggak where we were invited. But it was too crowded so we didn´t get in. But that did us a favor, we found out later that the club sucked! We ended our night in Hongdae and had a really good time that was unforgettable. (Well, at least the parts that I can remember from that night...)
Now, off to the gym and burn some calories! 
//Anny Chu a.k.a Pika Chu

Becoming moviestars

Hello everyone! I got so inspired by the fact that Anny finally blogged that I just must tell you about how fun we had this monday! One of my friends at ISL asked me last week if I would like to take part in a short film about INHA University, it's suppose to be used as advertising on the schools homepage from what I could understand. Since I am a proud INHA student and also never say no to a place in the spotlight I obviosuly sad "of course". Some people might not know this, but last fall I was involved in a photo shoot for my school in Sweden with a result of seeing my own face everywhere in school (and still on the homepage). Once a model, always a model.
Anny also joined the recording as an excuse to get out of class (remember me telling you that we're lazy students?). In the first shoot we're suppose to be sitting in a computer lab talking with Korean students which was way fun. My co-actor was a really sweet girl called Jennifer with perfect English (she had been studying in USA for two years) so we actally got friends during the time.
After that we all went outside for holding hands - and smiling as crazy. It was quite wierd actually, "1,2,3 - hold hands - smile - SMILEEE!". I've no idea how that looked like but I can't imagine that it looked natural, haha. The worst part was filmed afterwards there you were all by yourself in front of the camera in a close-up suppose to speak - "World class University Inha" (and of course, smile). Unfortunately the camera team had to deal with my awful accent, and the Frenchmen weren't excatly any better. Anny was the only one that actually nailed it. 
The last shoot was in front of the technologial building there we did some slow-motion movements, even wierder than the holding hands-part. But they said they will use some animations in those scenes, a falling logo from the roof for example, so I think it will be really awesome in the end. During Anthonys shoot we were able to see how the result looked like on a TV-screen and I must say it looked really good, just like a commercial. 
This sunday there will be another shoot and I've been asked to join that one as well. I've no idea though if I really will be visible in the released movie, they maybe decide to cut me out? Anyway, it was a fantastic memory of being an INHA-student.


Hola amigos!
I´ve just been so lazy the past few weeks. But now I am back on track, and this time in english! We are so excited that our international friends like our blog. It is really fun to share our memories and thoughts with everyone.  I am not going to write a bunch with text, but I will upload a lot of pictures and then describe each of them. Gustav is much better at writing than I am because he is an experienced blogger and also beacuse he is naturally very good at writing. I am more a picture-says-more-than-thousand-words-person :D
So here we go....
21 October 2013
I really love these vietnamese springrolls. I could almost die for them. Okay maybe not but however, they are so fresh, healthy and easy to make that you can´t resist them. I make these all the time in Sweden for lunch or dinner. The funny thing is that I can find all of the ingredients for this dish in Sweden but not here in Korea. I mean Vietnam is much more closer to Korea....However, if you´ve not tried them yet, DO IT! 
24 October 2013
Yes, a fun night out in Itaewon in club Move, a party arranged for international students. Much better than we expected. Thumbs up! Notice my tote bag that was overloaded with stuff in it. Don´t know how I manage to dance with it. Why didn´t I just put it in the wardrobe?!
26 October 2013
Bupyeong underground market. We passed this awesome store with a lot of baking accessories....I can´t describe the feeling I felt. I bake almost once a week back home so I really miss my kitchen. I wanted to buy every single piece of these sparkling, colorful thingies. 
26 October 2013
Still at the same underground market, we were in a nailshop here. INSANE. This was just one fiftieth of what was in the store. I seriously got dizzy when I was in there. I was so overwelmed and excited that it was too much to handle. In the end, I just bought one nail polish because of my decision agony. *sigh*
26 October 2013
After Bupyeong, it was time for some partying! Blurred night with some blurred people. This unclear pic was taken inside a convenient store haha!  I love you guys <3
We ended up in Itaewon again, this time at a club named Mystik with some hipster feeling and house music. Freakkin nice!
27 October 2013
I don´t know how the h*ll we got up from our beds that morning but we did. And we went to Hongdae for shopping. That´s how Swedish people roll! Adorable Josefina looking superhappy outside the condom store "Condomania". It was fun to take a look, but the stuff in there were too expensive and it was so narrow in there. Almost got claustrophobia. 
27 October 2013
Later that evening, we went to a place called Krissko Taco for some tacos. It was yummy for my tummy. Drools when I see the picture now. For some strange reason, some of us have been craving for mexican food for two weeks now. What´s wrong with us?! Taco Bell, Burritos, Krissko Taco...I think I´ve had mexican food five times during 10 days haha!
27 October 2013
After the taco, we found a lazy Garfield on the ground, trying to flirt with us. Henrik and I couldn´t resist and we took a picture with him on the ground. The only thing Henrik had on his mind was: " Can you please get your filthy paw off my face?!" HAHAHA. 
27 October 2013
Two tired girls on their way home from a long day in Hongdae. The garbage pile is a common sight in Korea because of their lack of trash cans. 
Hope you all enjoyed my input this time. See you soon! 

Korea in pictures

Yesterday me (Gustav) and Henrik went out for a walk in our neighbourhood, I do love Seoul but walking around here make me feel like I get in touch with "the reality", which is beyond awesome. We realized we have a beautiful park just above our house with the funniest exercising machines ever, koreans really know how to work it. Enjoy the pictures!

Midterms and deep thoughts

Hi everybody! Gustav here and I'll do my best do write this post in English so our new, international friends also are available to read our blog instead of only look at the pictures. Since it's only a post on the blog and not a school assignment I hope my friends home in Sweden won't take offense for eventual spelling mistakes (mostly thinking of you Filip, Mr Will-soon-be-an-awesome-teacher-in-English).
Me and Anny have been really busy lately because of our midterms, we had two this thursday in Business Strategy and Visual Merchandising and also a small quiz in Business English the day before. But I must admit that we're probably the laziest students ever and we really can't use the midterms as an excuse for not blogging. Our korean friends have been busy for weeks because of studying and I totally understand why. In Korea the grades are extremely important for future job opportunites because there's such a high grade of competition. Some of them also do a lot of different exams, similiar to "högskoleprovet" at the same time. It feels quite far away from Sweden there we always remind ourselves that the grades aren't important at all after all and instead the focus is on the personality since that's enough.
Lucky for us the midterms were a piece of cake. Our midterm in Business Strategy was an exam with 25 multiple choice-questions there it was quite obviously for the most of the time which one that was the correct answer. I was actually really worried over the the multiple choices since I mostly only get confused, especially when it's in English. The exam took 30 minutes and it's 30% of our total grade. In Sweden an exam can take 4 hours and be 100% of the final grade.
The midterm in VM also went really well, mostly because of our skills in English which makes me wonder how it went for some of our classmates that don't speak English at all. No matter what, we felt really relieved afterwards and now we just need to focus on our coming oral presentations. They might be a challange.
When I said me and Anny probably was the laziest students ever I really meant it. We dropped our basic Korean-course after only one lesson. And last week, after seven weeks of pain, we dropped our Financial-course as well. It means that we need to take a course extra during the spring in Sweden but I don't mind that at all. It just gives me a lot of more freetime in this wonderful country and less headache trying to understand something I obviously never will be able to learn. It means that we are only are taking four courses at the moment, and I wouldn't even call our Business English course a course since we hardly study for it at all. Other students here take like six-seven courses for their credits... But hey, I have always been very honest that I only went here because of the country and not to study. Feels wierd when I hear my classmate Louice, who's in Germany, telling me that she has TEN courses. She's only getting smarter and I am only getting dumber, guess I know who will be in charge during or exam-essay...
It feels so shallow just saying that yes, we're fine and yes, we're still in love with Korea. But it's true. I spend a lot of time thinking about the differences between our countries, realizing how much we've in Sweden that we just take for granted and don't appreciate. This country is so open in so many ways, but still so close in so many others that it sometimes just breaks my heart. I love having discussions with my new friends about politics and their view on the society, I learn so much that I almost don't know how to handle it. Sometimes I feel extremely stupid when I talk about Sweden, for example when I explain how everyone can study in Sweden by taking a CSN-loan and that we actually get money for studying. I completely understand why so many koreans praises my country when they hear that I from Sweden telling me that they've heard so much about our welfare system.
Swedes, stop complaining about life and just get a grip, kay?

Here's some pics from campus between our midterms:

För inte så länge sedan

구르타브 här! Ja, så ser det omtalade "Gurtabo" ut med koreanska tecken.
För några veckor sedan ordnade ISL (International Student Lounge) en utflykt till en mindre nöjespark här i Incehon, vi har varit lite dåliga på att närvara vid sådana här aktiviteter så jag, Josefina, Stina och Nadine beslutade oss för att hoppa på detta. Resultatet blev en toppendag längs en fantastisk boardwalk med ljuvlig utsikt, och en sväng med parisehjulet för ännu mera utsikt.
구르타브 here! Yes, that's how my name "Gurtabo" looks like with Korean characters.
For some weeks ago ISL arranged a trip to a smaller amusment park here in Incheon, since we've been quite bad at attending to activities like this me, Josefina, Stina and Nadine decided to join this one. The resultat was a great day along a beautiful boardwalk with a lovely view, and also a trip with the Ferris wheel for a better look at the view.

Jag är så dålig på att blogga.

Hola bloggen, det är Anny/Anita/Agneta/Anneli här. Jag har fått så många smeknamn här så jag har nästan glömt av vad jag heter på riktigt. Förlåt för att jag varit kass på att uppdatera! Men jag är ingen van bloggare så jag har tyvärr väldigt svårt för att spontanblogga. Ingen dag är den andra lik här och det tar ganska mycket energi att smälta det därav min frånvaro på bloggen. Nu ska jag sluta skylla ifrån mig och göra ett inlägg som ni förhoppningsvis kommer skratta lite åt.
Förra veckans Business English lektion (notera att jag säger lektion och inte föreläsning, en 10-åring skulle utan svårigheter klara kursen i Sverige), var minst sagt absurd. Professorn visade en reklam påhur en rånare stormade in i en bank och riktade sitt vapen mot alla som befann sig därinne. Alla började skrika och la sig på golvet, en av de anställda tittade på rånaren frågandes med en bunt sedlar i handen. Rånaren tittade på henne och sa ingenting och sprang sedan ut ur banken. Sedan stod det något i stil med "Do you have problem with public speaking?". I slutet av reklamen ser man denna rånare gå på en gruppövning för att tala inför folk och då säger rånaren "Everybody FREEZE!". Alla i klassen tänkte väl okej, kul reklam, och?! Då frågar profesorn om någon hade ett paraply, söta Joan bredvid mig hade såklart det. Hon gav det till honom och han använde det som ett vapen och skrek "everybody FREEZE" så högt att alla hoppade till. Vi hann inte ens skratta klart innan han säger "Joan, you were late right? Then you can start. Come up here and scream everybody freeze without laughing and look scary. If you laugh you have to do it again. All of you have to do this today so Joan, you can pick the next person when you´re done." Fatta chocken. Jag ville bara fly från klassrummet. Men det var bara att svälja och gå upp och göra det, utan att skratta. En annan sak ni bör veta är att koreaner kan inte säga F, för de har inte det i sitt språk. Alla F byts ut mot P istället när de pratar engelska. Vad blir det då? Jo, everybody PREAAAAASE. Det lät som att alla sa everybody please till slut. Jag och Gustav kunde inte sluta skratta, tur att vi satt längst bak i klassrummet. Där ser ni hur skoj vi har i skolan och hur seriöst allt låter. Men vi klagar inte! 
Lite suddig bild men, i fredags var jag, Johanna, Josefina, Luisa och Hannes på en skybar i Gangnam och tog ett glas vin och åt nötter. Helt underbart. 
...och på vägen hem därifrån. Det ser ut som att vi druckit mer än ett glas vin och Luisa skrattade konstant under hela resan (1 h) haha! Inte konstigt dock, för de satt fyra i baksätet medan jag sträckte gött på mina ben där framme. 
Mina goingar på väg till Firework Festivalen i Seoul. Jag älskar vårt gäng! Kunde inte hamnat i Korea med bättre människor <3
Firework festivalen tog på all kraft skulle man kunna säga. 
På lördagen drog vi till "Asiens coolaste klubb" i Gangnam, vid namn Octagon. Men så spektakulärt var det inte och jag blev en smula besviken. Vi hade sett fram emot det alldeles för mycket tror jag. Men vi hade rätt skoj ändå om man dömer utifrån bilden!
Lite chicken Galbi med pöjkarna förra veckan. Var tvungen att lägga upp denna bilden pga de söta förklädena. Och att människorna på denna bilden är snygga. 
Kvällsshopping i Incheon igår kväll. Kattmössa på H&M! Mjau.
Nu måste jag göra mig redo inför skolan. Pöss på er! 

Intensiv helg

안녕하세요! Gustav aka Gurtabo här, you decide. Det är så mycket som skall hinnas med under vår tid i Korea att det gäller att leva ett hektiskt och intensivt liv så länge vi bara kan, jag är inte den som tänker missa något på grund av trötthet eller baksmälla.
I fredags åkte vi till det omtalade Gangnam där vi först hälsade på den nyöppnade Acne-butiken. Sju glada svenskar trillar in, kollar läget på en minut och vandrar sedan ut. Efter det drog vi på Fashion Festival där vi först skådade en dansgrupp bestående av X antal killar som showade loss på scenen till K-pop, mimade och allting. Näst på tur var en tjejgrupp med en liten, liten sångerska som verkligen kunde leverera röstmässigt och hoppade omkring på scenen i skyhöga klackar som om hon inte hade gjort något annat i sitt liv förut. 
Allt detta fungerade som en slags introduktion till en modevisning av studenter vid en modeskola i Seoul som var helt okej, absolut inte på samma nivå som Textilhögskolans EXIT-visning men jag tror att det är en föga skillnad på nivån också. I vilket fall så var det en jättekul upplevelse. 
Jag och Henrik drog sedan ut till Itaewon för andra gången denna vecka vilket som vanligt resulterade i att det hoppas ur taxin på INHA vid 07-snåret. Slitna festprissar.
Sliten var bara mitt förnamn på lördagen men vi hade stora planer för den dagen, vi skulle nämligen bege oss på Firework Festival. Vid bytet på tunnelbanan anade vi kaos. Så. Mycket. Människor. Rulltrappan gick i princip sönder och vi trodde nästintill att vi skulle dö i försöket att klämma in oss i vagnen. Det gick dock. Väl på plats så började vallfärden. Tillsammans med tusentals, hundratals koreaner så promenerade vi mot parken där vi skulle ha picknick. På plats mötte miljoner koreaner upp oss. Det var helt vansinnigt. Jag har aldrig, aldrig sett så mycket människor på en och samma gång förut.
Där satt vi och åt mat (att vi ens hittade en gräsplätt att sitta på är ett mirakel) och inväntade kvällens stordåd, ty det gällde ju att vara på plats tidigt. Fyra länder levererade fyrverkeriuppträdanden: Kanada, Japan, Frankrike och Korea. Måste tyvärr erkänna att Japan var överlägset bäst och Anny sade vid ett tillfälle att hon nästan började gråta för att det var så vackert.
De andra begav sig efteråt till Gangnam för utgång, men undertecknad var alldeles för trött efter dessa timmar i världens folkmassa för ens kunna tänka klart och åkte istället hem. Att åka hem var ännu mer kaosartat än att ta sig dit. Brottades med tio miljoner på tunnelbanan och jag kan tåla mycket, men detta scenario var faktiskt lite obehagligt. Koreanerna verkade dock tycka att det var vardag. Aldrig somnat så snabbt som jag gjorde efter äventyret på de två timmarna med att ta sig från plats A till B.
Med elva timmars underbar sömn i bagaget så var jag ju betydligt piggare än vad de andra svenskarna var kan man lugnt säga. Något som resulterade i att ingen av de hade ork nog att följa med mig på K-pop konsert i Gangnam så jag tog med mig min jättegulliga kompis Joan och hennes killkompis istället. Denna upplevelse var garanterat en av de bästa jag varit med om hitills i Korea. Nu är det ju så at jag är ett fan av K-pop, vilket man nog måste vara för att uppskatta denna musik. Men bara att få se fyra av Koreas mest aktuella grupper uppträda var helt och hållet magiskt. Skiljer sig så mycket på svensk musik, på alla möjliga olika sätt. Måste bara upplevas.


Gustav här igen.
En fascinerande skillnad är att alla killar i Korea måste göra lumpen här innan de har fyllt 21 och denna varar i nästan två år. Jag diskuterade detta med en klasskompis igår och försökte klargöra skillnaderna på hur det är att göra lumpen i Korea kontra Sverige, och de verkade vara föga stora. Man får betalt här, men det är egentligen bara en symbolisk summa på 100 000 won om månaden (motsvarande nästan 600 kr). Dagarna är långa med 16 timmars slit om dagen och åka hem får man göra var tredje månad där man får stanna under en vecka. Tydligen är det inte helt ovanligt med fysisk misshandel om man missköter sig och försöker man fly så kommer polisen och tar en.
Anny menar att det är tio gånger värre i Kina, men ändå... Min klasskompis menade att vi i Sverige kunde skatta oss hur lyckliga som helst och jag insåg hur lyckligt lottad jag egentligen är.


Gustav här som ber om ursäkt för långsamma uppdateringar på bloggen, men kom ihåg att det betyder att vi har så kul att vi inte hinner med oss. Vi lever med andra ord! Dessutom känns bloggen ofta otillräcklig, jag önskar att bilderna kunde vara tydligare och texterna mer målande. Inte ens om jag filmade skulle jag kunna få med känslorna som flödar inom mig när jag går längs campus och upplever ett enormt eufori vareviga dag.
Samtidigt skall det erkännas att frånvaron till största delen består utav läxor. Ibland glömmer jag bort att jag går på ett universitet och inte befinner mig i sjunde klass längre. Varenda lektion inleds med ett upprop (ibland heter jag Gurtabo och ibland heter jag Gustav) och de förbannade läxorna alltså... Jag har försökt förklara för mina koreanska skolkamrater att i Sverige så kör vi med en tenta endast och om tvunget stora uppgifter under tiden. De verkar inte tro att jag är klok.
För skriver vi verkligen inte ned 45 saker vi älskar med 45 adjektiv till varenda grej? - för det gör vi i Business English. Byter vi verkligen inte ut verserna i låten "I love the world, boom de yada" gruppvis och uppträder framför hela klassen samtidigt som läraren filmar och slänger ut detta på youtube? - för det gör vi också i Business English. Kollar vi verkligen inte på ett avsnitt av Jamie Oliver (två gånger, för att verkligen höra vad han säger) och antecknar ned vilka ingredienser han använder i sitt recept? - för det har de andra svenskarna fått göra i sin Enviroment-kurs.
Skratta ni bara, men det är fullaste allvar. Under vår lilla konsert när vi sjunger så skall även resterande i klassen betygsätta oss, bland annat över hur stor inlevelse vi har och hur kreativa vi har varit. Dessutom betygsätter man vanligtvis varandra inom ett grupparbete också, och det är förbjudet att ge alla högsta betyg för då får man bara göra om utvärderingen. Luisa berättade att i hennes kurs Fashion Sourcing så skall alla  även skriva på ett "kontrakt" inom gruppen som går ut på att om man inte tycker någon sköter sig så kan gruppen bestämma sig för att "avskeda" denna person som automatiskt får ett F i betyg. 
Vad hände med supersnälla alla-är-lika-värda-Sverige? 
Nu är det dock så här att även om läxorna är lätta i många kurser så är de föga tidskrävande för det. Men läxan från helvetet slet jag och Anny med i söndags kväll, en "liten" uppgift i Financial Capital Market. Varför envisades jag med att vi skulle ta den här kursen? Jag slet med ett mattetal i tre timmar för att försöka ta reda på real GDP grotwh rate. Vi kämpade med grafer och diskussioner kring hur Korea klarade sig undan en recession 2008. Senast jag var så här stolt över mig själv var när jag lämnade in B-uppsatsen. Seriöst. 
Samtidigt så... förlåt, men orka bry sig om skolarbetet när man är i världens häftigaste land?
Anny och jag i lördags innan besök i Seoul, den sura minen beror på en halstablett.
Så här ser det ut när man räknar lite i Financial Capital Market. 

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