Midterms and deep thoughts

Hi everybody! Gustav here and I'll do my best do write this post in English so our new, international friends also are available to read our blog instead of only look at the pictures. Since it's only a post on the blog and not a school assignment I hope my friends home in Sweden won't take offense for eventual spelling mistakes (mostly thinking of you Filip, Mr Will-soon-be-an-awesome-teacher-in-English).
Me and Anny have been really busy lately because of our midterms, we had two this thursday in Business Strategy and Visual Merchandising and also a small quiz in Business English the day before. But I must admit that we're probably the laziest students ever and we really can't use the midterms as an excuse for not blogging. Our korean friends have been busy for weeks because of studying and I totally understand why. In Korea the grades are extremely important for future job opportunites because there's such a high grade of competition. Some of them also do a lot of different exams, similiar to "högskoleprovet" at the same time. It feels quite far away from Sweden there we always remind ourselves that the grades aren't important at all after all and instead the focus is on the personality since that's enough.
Lucky for us the midterms were a piece of cake. Our midterm in Business Strategy was an exam with 25 multiple choice-questions there it was quite obviously for the most of the time which one that was the correct answer. I was actually really worried over the the multiple choices since I mostly only get confused, especially when it's in English. The exam took 30 minutes and it's 30% of our total grade. In Sweden an exam can take 4 hours and be 100% of the final grade.
The midterm in VM also went really well, mostly because of our skills in English which makes me wonder how it went for some of our classmates that don't speak English at all. No matter what, we felt really relieved afterwards and now we just need to focus on our coming oral presentations. They might be a challange.
When I said me and Anny probably was the laziest students ever I really meant it. We dropped our basic Korean-course after only one lesson. And last week, after seven weeks of pain, we dropped our Financial-course as well. It means that we need to take a course extra during the spring in Sweden but I don't mind that at all. It just gives me a lot of more freetime in this wonderful country and less headache trying to understand something I obviously never will be able to learn. It means that we are only are taking four courses at the moment, and I wouldn't even call our Business English course a course since we hardly study for it at all. Other students here take like six-seven courses for their credits... But hey, I have always been very honest that I only went here because of the country and not to study. Feels wierd when I hear my classmate Louice, who's in Germany, telling me that she has TEN courses. She's only getting smarter and I am only getting dumber, guess I know who will be in charge during or exam-essay...
It feels so shallow just saying that yes, we're fine and yes, we're still in love with Korea. But it's true. I spend a lot of time thinking about the differences between our countries, realizing how much we've in Sweden that we just take for granted and don't appreciate. This country is so open in so many ways, but still so close in so many others that it sometimes just breaks my heart. I love having discussions with my new friends about politics and their view on the society, I learn so much that I almost don't know how to handle it. Sometimes I feel extremely stupid when I talk about Sweden, for example when I explain how everyone can study in Sweden by taking a CSN-loan and that we actually get money for studying. I completely understand why so many koreans praises my country when they hear that I from Sweden telling me that they've heard so much about our welfare system.
Swedes, stop complaining about life and just get a grip, kay?

Here's some pics from campus between our midterms:

Postat av: Louice

Hey Gutarbo! ;) Jag läser 11 obligatoriska kurser + 2 språkkurser på tyska så totalt, 13. Dock kommer du vara expert på kulturkrockar och inte jag. :) Det gör oss till bästa c-uppsats-paret någonsin! <3

2013-10-26 @ 09:02:24
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Postat av: SimC

Bra skrivet bro! Vi har det oslagbart bra här.. Men folk klagar för att de aldrig sett något annat.

Hälsningar från Istanbul! <3

2013-11-13 @ 10:19:21

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