Hola amigos!
I´ve just been so lazy the past few weeks. But now I am back on track, and this time in english! We are so excited that our international friends like our blog. It is really fun to share our memories and thoughts with everyone.  I am not going to write a bunch with text, but I will upload a lot of pictures and then describe each of them. Gustav is much better at writing than I am because he is an experienced blogger and also beacuse he is naturally very good at writing. I am more a picture-says-more-than-thousand-words-person :D
So here we go....
21 October 2013
I really love these vietnamese springrolls. I could almost die for them. Okay maybe not but however, they are so fresh, healthy and easy to make that you can´t resist them. I make these all the time in Sweden for lunch or dinner. The funny thing is that I can find all of the ingredients for this dish in Sweden but not here in Korea. I mean Vietnam is much more closer to Korea....However, if you´ve not tried them yet, DO IT! 
24 October 2013
Yes, a fun night out in Itaewon in club Move, a party arranged for international students. Much better than we expected. Thumbs up! Notice my tote bag that was overloaded with stuff in it. Don´t know how I manage to dance with it. Why didn´t I just put it in the wardrobe?!
26 October 2013
Bupyeong underground market. We passed this awesome store with a lot of baking accessories....I can´t describe the feeling I felt. I bake almost once a week back home so I really miss my kitchen. I wanted to buy every single piece of these sparkling, colorful thingies. 
26 October 2013
Still at the same underground market, we were in a nailshop here. INSANE. This was just one fiftieth of what was in the store. I seriously got dizzy when I was in there. I was so overwelmed and excited that it was too much to handle. In the end, I just bought one nail polish because of my decision agony. *sigh*
26 October 2013
After Bupyeong, it was time for some partying! Blurred night with some blurred people. This unclear pic was taken inside a convenient store haha!  I love you guys <3
We ended up in Itaewon again, this time at a club named Mystik with some hipster feeling and house music. Freakkin nice!
27 October 2013
I don´t know how the h*ll we got up from our beds that morning but we did. And we went to Hongdae for shopping. That´s how Swedish people roll! Adorable Josefina looking superhappy outside the condom store "Condomania". It was fun to take a look, but the stuff in there were too expensive and it was so narrow in there. Almost got claustrophobia. 
27 October 2013
Later that evening, we went to a place called Krissko Taco for some tacos. It was yummy for my tummy. Drools when I see the picture now. For some strange reason, some of us have been craving for mexican food for two weeks now. What´s wrong with us?! Taco Bell, Burritos, Krissko Taco...I think I´ve had mexican food five times during 10 days haha!
27 October 2013
After the taco, we found a lazy Garfield on the ground, trying to flirt with us. Henrik and I couldn´t resist and we took a picture with him on the ground. The only thing Henrik had on his mind was: " Can you please get your filthy paw off my face?!" HAHAHA. 
27 October 2013
Two tired girls on their way home from a long day in Hongdae. The garbage pile is a common sight in Korea because of their lack of trash cans. 
Hope you all enjoyed my input this time. See you soon! 


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