Becoming moviestars

Hello everyone! I got so inspired by the fact that Anny finally blogged that I just must tell you about how fun we had this monday! One of my friends at ISL asked me last week if I would like to take part in a short film about INHA University, it's suppose to be used as advertising on the schools homepage from what I could understand. Since I am a proud INHA student and also never say no to a place in the spotlight I obviosuly sad "of course". Some people might not know this, but last fall I was involved in a photo shoot for my school in Sweden with a result of seeing my own face everywhere in school (and still on the homepage). Once a model, always a model.
Anny also joined the recording as an excuse to get out of class (remember me telling you that we're lazy students?). In the first shoot we're suppose to be sitting in a computer lab talking with Korean students which was way fun. My co-actor was a really sweet girl called Jennifer with perfect English (she had been studying in USA for two years) so we actally got friends during the time.
After that we all went outside for holding hands - and smiling as crazy. It was quite wierd actually, "1,2,3 - hold hands - smile - SMILEEE!". I've no idea how that looked like but I can't imagine that it looked natural, haha. The worst part was filmed afterwards there you were all by yourself in front of the camera in a close-up suppose to speak - "World class University Inha" (and of course, smile). Unfortunately the camera team had to deal with my awful accent, and the Frenchmen weren't excatly any better. Anny was the only one that actually nailed it. 
The last shoot was in front of the technologial building there we did some slow-motion movements, even wierder than the holding hands-part. But they said they will use some animations in those scenes, a falling logo from the roof for example, so I think it will be really awesome in the end. During Anthonys shoot we were able to see how the result looked like on a TV-screen and I must say it looked really good, just like a commercial. 
This sunday there will be another shoot and I've been asked to join that one as well. I've no idea though if I really will be visible in the released movie, they maybe decide to cut me out? Anyway, it was a fantastic memory of being an INHA-student.


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