Turning into a korean

Hi everyone! Gurtabo here to make sure that you know that we still are alive. Me and Anny have been having two oral presentations in one week and next week we have another one, it seems like we never are able to just rest. This monday we had a 30 min presentation about the airline industry and its competition, it sure was difference from our school home back in Sweden there we only talk about the fashion industry. The presentation went great together with our friends Mauricio and Sebastien, we think the audience were quite schocked about our English skills. Sure, my accent is awful, but still, compared to others...
The topic in advertising this week was sex in advertising, something that all cultures and countries seemed to have what I could understand from the discussions. Sweden did stick out from the crowd though since our campaigns includes way more nudity than others and the fact that we don't really think that that's a big deal since we're so used to it. As said, Sweden is quite different from other countries. 
It feels like I am turning into a Korean. I don't remember the last time I used spotify because I only listen to K-pop these days and they're only available on Youtube so far for me. I have been watching more Korean movies than I can count and just recently I've been obessed with Korean dramas. It's like TV-series but the episodes are about 60 min and there's only "one season" so it's more lika very, very long movie. This week I've been watching like five-six episodes every day. I know, I am addicted. But I learn so much about the Korean culture and also it's makes it easier for me to learn the laungage. I've actually said that the only thing that stops me from moving here is the laungage, once I will be able to speak Korean you know what will happen.
Tomorrow I need to start to use my Japanese phrases instead since we're going to Tokyo for five days, friday-tuesday. It's the city I always have been wanting to go to, it's like a dream coming true. We don't have any specific plans yet but there's a lot of things we want to do obviously. There isn't that much Wifi in Japan compared to Korea though so don't you worry if you don't hear from us.
The fall has finally arrived to Korea for sure, isn't beautiful?!


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