Hello! Gurtabo here, as usual - but I know that Anny has a big blog post coming up soon so don't ya worry! As you all know we were in Tokyo for a couple of days and had the most intense and exhausted experience ever, but obviously the best word do describe it with is amazing.
Tokyo sure is different compared to Seoul in many ways, first of all there's just so much people in Tokyo that you think you're going crazy - when you were crossing the street it sometimes felt like you were in a maraton. One of the biggest differences in my opinions is that you easily can tell that Tokyo is an "old city" when everything here in Korea feels quite new, adapted and flexible. I would always choose the metro system in Korea over Japan, it's no wonder that Tokyo has a rumor of having the worlds most difficult metro system. It went quite smootly for us though, bet we hardly ever travelled more than three stations.
When it comes to fashion Tokyo is obviously way more fun and interesting, the styles there were crazy and we just loved it. Unfortunately I had some problems with finding good clothes for me, I've realized that I am really into the typical Scandinavian style with its black on black. We were in Tokyo only for about four days and there's so much more to experience, but I would say that Korea suits me better. Tokyo is more crazy and here it's more commercial, which I must agree is more my style. 
Anyway, here comes some texts and pics about our trip:
We needed to go up 4.20 in the morning, do I need to say we were way tired? "We" by the way is me, Anny, Johanna, Josefina, Henrik, Stina, Hannes and Nadine. Luisa was in Tokyo the week before with her parents so we left here home alone, poor little baby... Everyone were dressed only in black, as always, making that Scandinavian statement, and I joked about that we were models going away for a photo shoot. The trip went extremely smooth, me and Anny slept during the whole flight which took about only two hours.
When we got to Narita airport we took an express train to the area our hostel was in. The trip took about one hour and 20 minutes and during the whole trip we could se beautiful landscapes and houses outside the window. Everything was green and it felt like we had been transfered back in time to summer again with a temperature of 20 degrees Celsius.
The biggest chock for me was to realize that Tokyo had left-hand traffic! We tried to take a taxi two times to our hostel but they just wouldn't let us, saying that we should go to the other side of the street both times. We got really confused and a polite, Japansese woman tried to help us but only made our more confused. Somehow we were able to get a taxi and check in to our hostel which was a capsule-hostel, it's very common in Japan. So we shared a room with about 80 other people living in the small capsules, haha. It sure was an experience!
The first day we spent in an area called Shibuja and enjoyed the city life of Tokyo by doing some shopping and eating the best sushi ever from a rolling band. After the dinner we went for a drink at the wierdest place ever that gave you the vibes of a mental hospital there you sat in different cells. At one moment the music got really spoky and everything went dark, for a moment we all thought we were going to die. The drinks were as wierd at the place, some of them you drank from baby bottles and other you stirred with a dildo.
Everyone were extremely tired because of the early morning, but me and Henrik still managed to go out for some clubbing with a result of going to bed at 5 am and wake up three hours later for more sightseeing.
The second day we walked and walked and walked...We actually walked all day just visiting stores and doing Tokyo. In the evening we went to the coolest area ever with like a hundred different, tiny bars with only space for about eight people. You knock on the doors before you enter (only to realise it already is full). We realized that we needed to split up and me, Anny, Nadine and Stina were lucky to go to this awesome bar called Albatross that just was fantastic with burning candles and chandeliers.
After visiting some bars the others went out, but me and Johanna decided to go home instead for some sleep.
The third day we walked just a little bit more. We went to a huge park and walked around in beautiful nature, there was a lot of well dressed people walking around for a sundaywalk(?) and a lot of the kids were wearing traditonal japanese outfits.
In the evening we were all exhausted and dying for having som typical japanese food. We found a good place and just before going in the elevator some japanese guys fell out stinking alcohol, we just sighed and said that this would probably be a really quiet dinner since everyone were so tired.
We were so wrong about that. For 90 minutes we had a buffet of drinks and we ordered so much wine that we just could during that time. The food itself was really good, and social (as all asian food), which I would explain as "boiled pork" which was way better than it actually sounds. So the room got really hot after a while, and with all the wine on that we all had red, blushing faces.
Just like the guys before us, we also fell out from the elevator screaming and decided to go to a kareokebar. It was so fun, we had a huge room for ourselves and sang(?!) a lot of ABBA songs. After we been pretending to be pop-stars we went to a club with the best music ever. We danced from 01 to 04 nonstop and had a blast, for a while it was actually falling down snow form the roof. The club was totally crowded, and remember that this was on a sunday. Fun fact: a bottle of water had the same price as a Gin & Tonic.
The last day we slept for quite a while and (yes, you guessed right) did some more walking. The weather changed dramatically and we had rain for a while and it got quite cold. We also visited Tokyo Tower which was really cool with a quite similiar view as Namsan Tower here in Korea. The biggest difference was that in Tokyo they had gone crazy with the christmas decorations, so it was really cozy. 
On the morning after we left Tokyo and the trip home also went very smooth. Hello Incheon, see you again soon Tokyo. Very soon.

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