Time flies

Hi everyone! Gurutabo here, but I recently found out that the Korean name I was given isn't correct - it's suppose to be more similar to my English name (I am not suprised). But since my wrong name already is in all the schools paper I'll go with Gurutabo for one more month.
Time flies and it's less than a month left before me and Anny will be back in Sweden. I really miss Swedish food, my co-workers at Hemtex and all my friends. I was on Skype with Linnea for a couple of days ago and I thought my heart was going to break, it's a wierd feeling having a such close friend so far away.
But obviously I still don't want to go home, not yet. There's so many people I've got the honor to know and I feel like it's to early to leave. I've met so many warm-hearted people giving me another perspective of life. I never really understod the true meaning of exchange in 'exchange student' until some days ago, because there's a big exchange of knowledge and respect between countries. And most important of all: friendship.
The weather here is beautiful, it's like we're given perfect autumn days every day - with no rain. During our time here I think we've experienced rain about only four times (and one of those times was in Japan). I don't feel bad for missing the first snow in Sweden since I know I'll experience the snow during january, february, march, april... Something that's quite strange though is that we're missing the madness about christmas. I am receiving e-mails about christmas gifts and for weeks I've been able to se christmas advertising on Swedish webpages. I know that Hemtex are like a christmas wonderland at this moment, but here it's barely noticeable yet. It makes me forget that december is just one week away and I feel like I am still in october. 
Well anyway, let me update you with some pics (the Anny-way):
This is my "Korean family" that I love so much, being here wouldn't have been the same without them. The picture is from last weekend when we went out in Itaweon and started the night at this bar that was really nice. We're known as "the loud Swedes on the bottom floor" or just simply "Melrose Place".
Here I am having dinner with Garam and Ahmi. They're working at ISL (International Student Lounge) outside their studies and doing an excellent job with taking care of us exchange students. 
This beautiful girl is my student buddy Erica and it seems like INHA knows how to be a true matchmaker because me and Erica have so much in common that it's insane. The best quote from here is "Sometimes I wonder: Why am I so perfect?", something I really can recognize, haha.
 Me and Anny had brunch with Ahmi this friday, two of my favorite girls in Korea <3
Afterwards we visit the Kimchi Charity event at campus, here I am supporting my friend Billy.
 Later on friday night we went out for clubbing in Hondae. We hang with one of my korean friends, Paul, and his two friends from France. It was an awesome night with too many clubs and too much alcohol. Two glass of red wine, seven beers, one drink and two shots. Just gotta love Hondae.
 Yesterday (yes, hangover day) we went to Lotte World that was completely insane. We were quite shocked by all the action that was around us. Best part was the ice skating, me and Luisa showed that we were true scandinavians on the ice. We also tried to teach Anny of to ice skate but it didn't go so well...


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