Hello, Anny here!
Well, surprisingly, I am also going to write about our Tokyo trip! And because Gustav and I share the blog, some of the things Gustav wrote about will be sort of repeated in my post. So sorry for that, but I hope it will be interesting to read anyway. 
The whole trip went really smooth and it only took 1 h and 50 min to fly to Tokyo. Maybe it had something to do with that I basically slept the whole flight. Well, to wake up at 4.15 is not what I do everyday...
Tokyo took my breath away. I had very high expectations and Tokyo did not disappoint me! Cool is the only word I can come up with now to decribe it. Every second I spent there were full of excitement and happiness.
I´ve always wanted to visit this amazing city and now my dream has finally come true. The food we ate was unbeatable. OH.MY.GOD, the sushi?! I will find it very hard to eat the "sushi" in Sweden again. I´ve never tasted something like that before. The fish just melted in my mouth and even the ginger tasted better. And all the snacks, crepes, noodles and shabushabu. I am ridicilously weak for food, ask any of my friends haha. 
The shopping was really my cup of tea. The fashion in Tokyo is much more my style, and the fact that they had a lot of vintage stores made it even better. The fashion was so fun, bright, colorful and sometimes even outrageous. The Korean fashion is actually a little too "nice" for me, so I went bananas in Tokyo with the shopping! I also got to visit Monki, which is the brand I work for in Sweden. (Yes, Monki is Swedish and I am so proud that they´ve opened a store in Harajuku). I was really looking forward to visit this store so I got very emotional when I went in there. The smell of the store reminded me of my store in Sweden and all my colleagues. And all the fantastic clothes! I know, it sounds like I am advertising for Monki but, I really love the brand and the whole concept.
I just have to write something about their toilets. How luxurious isn´t it to sit on a warm toliet seat when you´ve been out in the cold? And all the functions on it was so sick. The toliet could even sense when I was close to it and opened the toilet lid by itself. I got pretty scared the first time haha. I kind of miss them actually. 
Eeeeh, have I told you that math is not my strength? Well, conversion of currency in my head also counts as math. It was very confusing to go from counting Korean won to Japanese yen...
Henrik, Stina & Gustav <3.
Henrik posing between the "capsules" we slept in. I was pretty skeptical first about them, but they turned out to be pretty cozy! And we lived really near Shinjuku, it took only 15 min with the subway. The only negative thing was you had to share with 20 other people in that room. Can you imagine the smell in the room after 4 nights...
I only had 8 plates:( Should have eaten more...
The "Mental Hospital Restaurant", where we were served freaky drinks. What a special experience!
At the bar "Albatross" in Golden Gai, Shibuya. Awesome night!
Yoyogi Park in Harajuku. People dressed up in traditional Japanese clothes and it was very beautiful. We were looking forward to see some cosplay too but they didn´t show up that Sunday. We obviously didn´t have the luck on our side that day:(
Haha, lovely Johanna at the lake in Yoyogi park <3
The kareoke bar was so fun. We all had a really good time and were laughing so much. Have to do this again!
We LOVE this face <3
And finally, Tokyo Tower. 


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