Oh, what a weekend we had! I have not had a single dull weekend in Korea yet, is it even possible?! Halloween in Korea was really something special. We were looking forward to celebrate it and was brainstorming about what we wanted to dress up like. Josefina found out on the internet that Dongdaemun has a "toy street" where you can buy everything from kids toys to funny outfits. 
2013 November 1
And here we are after a subway trip of 1,5 hours. Johanna tried a few outfits.....The staff was not so happy about our little exploration in their store.
Our own little Cat woman Josefina <3
After the shopping, we went to Namdaemun market. It was totally amazing! All the food and novelties on the market made us completely hysterical. This was definitely not a one-time thing, gotta go back soon!
We had the famous Korean dish Bibimbap in Namdaemun. I always order this in Sweden whenever I go to Korean restaurants. But it´s a little different, the Bibimbap in Korea is almost always vegetarian, while the one in Sweden is with beef meat. However, vegetarian or not, I can´t get enough of it! Nomnomnom.
Josefina and I making a goofy grimace. This is actually Josefinas favorite grimace haha! I have also started doing it lately because it works for all occasions :P
2013 November 2
I ended up as my childhood idol Sailor Moon and Gustav was a innocent and handsome school by. Score!
Sailor Moon vs Sexy priest. 
Cutest Hit Girl ever!
Handsome Captain carries a drunken Sailor moon haha.
Lolita, Captain, Sailor boy and Sailor Moon on their way out! We were supposed to go to a party in Jonggak where we were invited. But it was too crowded so we didn´t get in. But that did us a favor, we found out later that the club sucked! We ended our night in Hongdae and had a really good time that was unforgettable. (Well, at least the parts that I can remember from that night...)
Now, off to the gym and burn some calories! 
//Anny Chu a.k.a Pika Chu


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