Winter vacation

Gustav typing. Yesterday Anny and I had a final exam in Business Strategy, meaning that we're kind of having winter vacation from now on. The only things that's left are listening to some presentations today in  the Advertising class and tomorrow we've our presentation in Business English. The presentation isn't a big deal for us though and all our school books are lying in some corner of our rooms at the moment, waiting for the decision to be packed or not. 
The exam yesterday was a nightmare though. Like before it was multiple choices, but gosh were the questions hard to understand. Our professors English skills aren't the best during presentations and I must say he isn't the best professor either, but he probably means well. But when it comes to write questions on a final he sure knows how do make them complicated, using all the difficult words in English he knows in just one sentence. Sometimes I had a problem even understanding what he was asking for. Some Koreans left after only 15 minutes and my only guess is that the laungage was to hard for them so that they just guessed through the whole exam.
We both feel like we passed it though, so we're embracing the vacation now. For one whole mont we don't need to think about studying at all. Well, obviously both me and Anny are going to work all the time instead.
It feels like we're living in a bubble, I had no clue that Christmas Eve is just one week away. In two weeks we will embrace the new year instad. Time flies.
On saturday morning we're leaving and on sunday I'll find myself working at Hemtex, just like I've never been gone. 


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