Anny here! It just hit me yesterday that it´s only 14 days remaining here in Korea for me and Gustav. A wave of anxiety washed over me. I´ve been living in a dream over here and I get so scared when I think of it, because I always have to worry about things in Sweden. I seriously feel sick when I realize that we will leave this country soon. I will miss the amazing people, the food, the clubs, the shopping, our cleaning lady in our building, my 8 squaremeters room, when people think I am korean, even the piles with garbage on the streets. It´s really hard to describe how I feel now. It feels like I want to cry all the time and can´t stop thinking about how lucky I am who got the opportunity to be here with my fantastic friends from Sweden. Thank you Korea for giving me such a good experience and I will come here again, I promise!
Okay, enough with my little emotional breakdown there, we have done a lot of things the past weeks and I´ve been tremendously bad at updating you guys. But yeah, I will use my usual "technique": picture + text below to show you:) 
We met Johanna´s buddy Hairi at campus, she was going to study at the library but stopped and talked to us for a while. She works at the schools café all the time, I can´t understand how she can manage studying and working so much at the same time. She is so cute and humble!
Another night in Hongdae at a nice and cozy bar called "Vinyl". Love you guys <3
Hairi took us to a restaurant near Juan Station in Incheon. We had barbeque with some omelet in the edge of the grill. The meet tasted like heaven! I will miss the food so much....Thinking about buying a korean BBQ grill when I get home haha. 
Gustav´s buddy Erica had her birthday two weeks ago and we had some beers together at a bar. She´s a very inspiring young woman with an amazing personality. Yes Gustav, you have the best buddy ever!
Luisa and I wanted to treat our friends with something nice, so we surprised them a saturday morning with Swedish gingerbread, nutella sandwich and tea. Everybody was really happy about it and we had the best breakfast ever since we came here!
Happy people in Hongdae last week! We really love this underground club called Exit. We are going there tonight and shake our asses of;)
Fantastic Ahmi from our schools International Student Lounge a.k.a ISL took me, Gustav, Jeremy and Sebastien to a sushi buffét. It was the sickest thing I´ve seen since I came here. The "rolling band" with the sushi was about 100 meters long. And beside the sushi they had hot food, sashimi, sweets, sallads, drinks, coffee...gaaaaah you name it! It was so delicious and my stomach was about to expload because of the amount of food I ate. Have to loose some weight when I come home!
Homesickness.....My sisters sends me a lot of pictures of what they are doing at home. They are preparing for Christmas and they made a gingercake house. It´s so pretty! I miss my family so much and I can´t wait until I can hug them and talk with them about everything ;(
This is our school project from the course Visual Merchandising. We have to create a brand and build a miniature of the store. Our stores name is "Shape Up", and the concept is indoor training clothes with a lot of colors. We have come a long way now, but it was not easy I must say....The communication is the biggest problem but anyway, I am very proud of what we´ve achieved so far! The deadline is on Monday so we really have to step it up to have a chance to finish it in time. 
We arranged a Christmas Party last thursday and it was really successful. Seemed like everybody had fun and had a lot of drinks;D. The best part with the party was the decorating part! We bought so much Christmas decorations that after we´ve decorated, it looked like Santa Claus vomited in our kitchen haha!
Well well, enough said for this time. Don´t know how many inputs I will write until we leave, maybe one or two more at least:)


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