Gustav typing. First of all: I'll never ever write about my health conditions on this blog again, apparently my grandmother got really worried because of what I wrote last time. Grandma, you should know my know that you never need to worry about me! When I woke up on thursday morning I felt so much better that I decided not to go to the doctor at all. The only reason that I got worried was if there was any risk that I would get a heart attack or anything if I drank alcohol, which we do way often now since it's less than two weeks left.
Me and Anny are having a quite hard time at the moment, facing the fact that we're going home soon. We're very emotional and Anny often confess that she feels like she's going to cry. Two days ago we were at a café with our friend Joan and it was a very emotional moment. I guaranteed that we would still be in touch even when me and Anny are back in Sweden, but it's true that it still wouldn't be the same.
Yesterday was a true study day, but for being able to focus we started the day with a big brunch together with Ahmi and Sébastién, our team members. The four of us have a presentation in our class Advertising in Society this thuesday and we'll talk about product placement in dramas. Our opinion is that it's annyoing but still worth it in exchange of "better dramas", it's a very interesting topic and product placement is extremely common and more accepted here in Korea compared to Sweden. 
When the first group session was finished me and Anny met up with Price for our presentation in Business English. Our final presentation in this class must include a topic related to business and we're going to do a comparison between the Swedish and Korean government. Our focus is the Swedish welfare system and how Korea is on its way to adapt it, but there's still som big differences. The taxes in Sweden are way higher and we spend much more of it to social responsibility than Korea does for now.
See, we do study!
Ahmi and Anny during the brunch, doesn't it look delicious?!
 Price, me and Anny seem to be quite proud over what we have accomplished.


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