Some updates

Hi, Gustabo here (my correct Korean name). Can't believe that I find myself being in december now, soon I'll be able to count the days that's let just on my fingers. Scary. I've been having a slight pain in my chest for about one week know and I think it's unconscious stress. The fun thing is that I am not stressed about my finals at all, but I guess I am having a harder time than I thought about leaving Korea and going back to Sweden. I'll go and visit the school's doctor tomorrow with my buddy Erica though, just to make sure that it isn't something serious.
As mention finals are coming up, but me and Anny are quite lucky because we only have one written exam and in the other courses we've oral presentations (three total). We do prefer having presentations since it means less studying, but obviously they're all group projects and sometimes the communication doesn't really work. In Visual Merchandising we're creating our own brand and building a store in 3D with interior and everything. Unfortunately I am the only Swedish person in my group together with three Koreans and one French, meaning that I speak more Korean than English. Which isn't much.
Some instagram updates:
Luisa and Anny suprised us all on saturday morning with a huge breakfast and had decorated the whole kitchen with christmas decorations. It might not be a traditionally advent candlestick but still it one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. 
Erica asked me once what my favorite hobby in Korea was. I answered shopping. Anny can only agree. So this monday we went to the post office and sent two huge packages home to Sweden with clothes, shoes and magazines. We choosed to send it with ship, which will take about three months...
Yesteday me and Anny went to a sushi buffé with Ahmi, Sébastién and Jéremy. It's impossible to describe.
It. Was. Amazing.


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