Countdown: 6 days.

Anny here. I can now say that it has started to sink in that we are soon leaving. Feels like we have so much left to do and we don´t know where to start. The last final exams are tomorrow, and then we can really relax and do whatever we want to do. I find it very hard to focus on the studyin when so much in going on right now in my head. That´s why I am writing on the blog, because everytime I do it I feel relieved. It´s some sort of therapy for me and helps me clear my mind for the day. 
The past week has contained a lot of studies but we´ve managed to do a lot of fun things to. We hang out with many friends and tried to seize every moment we have left in Korea. 
The snow have finally reached Korea, but I actually don´t have any good pictures to show you. I don´t know why but I am not that fascinated about snow as everyone else. Maybe it´s because I´ve seen it too much in Sweden. 
7 December.
Brunch with Ahmi, Gustav and Sebastien <3 After that, we did a group assignment together in Advertising in Society cuz we had a presentation to do. 
7 December.
We were all going out clubing except for Johanna because she felt sick :( She stayed at home but we updated her with snapchat pictures the whole night so she kinda felt like she was participating anyway XD
7 December.
Out in Hongdae @ underground club EXIT. BEEEEER.
10 December.
Coffee time with Kyle from International Student Lounge and Gustav! So cozy and we had a really nice time together. You´re the best Kyle!
10 December.
Later that day, we had some delicious icecream at Baskin & Robbins with Ahmi. Oh my freakkin god I will miss that so much. It´s the most creamy, yummy and soft chocolate icecream I´ve ever had in my whole life. It´s called Sam´s chocolate pie. TRY IT FOR GODS SAKE! 
12 December.
Final presentation about our project in Visual Merchandising. Thank god it´s over!!!! It took so much time to finish building the store, but we finally made it. So proud, but unfortunately I don´t have a photo with my group on my computer so I can only show this one with only me in it haha. We are the best Stina!
12 December.
This wonderful woman is my buddy Christina as you all know;) 
We went to Hand´s up later that day to celebrate that we finished the course. My beer belly is growing bigger...I hated beer before I came to Korea but I have to admit that I´ve recently started to like it >.< Bye bye beach 2014. 
13 December. 
Absolutely love love love this picture! We all look so cute <3 Fantastic four.
13 December.
Dinner at a Irish bar in Itaewon. I had the best burger ever and literally ate like a horse and cleaned the plate in 10 minutes xD
13 December.
And of course we went out clubing after that, the usual route a friday night here in Korea. We started at a bar called Prost. I can´t really describe it but it´s very nice for pre-partying. They have live DJ and the music is so great and sets you on party mode immediately. The prices are okay and we always drink the shot "Quick fuck" when we are there haha, cheers!
13 December.
Gustav, Paul and me <3
A photo from a very good angle. Gustav, you really know how do to this;) #mingle
14 December.
Gustav was studying hard yesterday...So focused! I obviously wasn´t because I was playing with my phone and taking pictures.. 
And that was a summary of the last two weeks. Hope you will enjoy reading it and I will try to study hard now so I can enjoy the last days here with a good conscience.


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