Winter vacation

Gustav typing. Yesterday Anny and I had a final exam in Business Strategy, meaning that we're kind of having winter vacation from now on. The only things that's left are listening to some presentations today in  the Advertising class and tomorrow we've our presentation in Business English. The presentation isn't a big deal for us though and all our school books are lying in some corner of our rooms at the moment, waiting for the decision to be packed or not. 
The exam yesterday was a nightmare though. Like before it was multiple choices, but gosh were the questions hard to understand. Our professors English skills aren't the best during presentations and I must say he isn't the best professor either, but he probably means well. But when it comes to write questions on a final he sure knows how do make them complicated, using all the difficult words in English he knows in just one sentence. Sometimes I had a problem even understanding what he was asking for. Some Koreans left after only 15 minutes and my only guess is that the laungage was to hard for them so that they just guessed through the whole exam.
We both feel like we passed it though, so we're embracing the vacation now. For one whole mont we don't need to think about studying at all. Well, obviously both me and Anny are going to work all the time instead.
It feels like we're living in a bubble, I had no clue that Christmas Eve is just one week away. In two weeks we will embrace the new year instad. Time flies.
On saturday morning we're leaving and on sunday I'll find myself working at Hemtex, just like I've never been gone. 

Korea during winter

I could never have imagined that the winter in Korea would be like this, we're actually finding ourselves freezing. A lot. Can we really call ourselves true Scandinavians? Especially me, Gustav, who are from north Sweden? The Koreans tell us that this winter is colder than last year, and at the moment we're mostly between zero and minus five degrees. It's a completely different kind of cold than we're used to though, it goes right into your bones. I am wearing my expensive coat from Customellow and Anny her (fake) fur from Monki, she really does look like bear sometimes. 
Even though I've seen snow (and maybe a little bit too much of it) all my life I am still amazed by all the snow in Korea. It looks so beautiful with all the Korean buildings and nature covered in snow. 

Countdown: 6 days.

Anny here. I can now say that it has started to sink in that we are soon leaving. Feels like we have so much left to do and we don´t know where to start. The last final exams are tomorrow, and then we can really relax and do whatever we want to do. I find it very hard to focus on the studyin when so much in going on right now in my head. That´s why I am writing on the blog, because everytime I do it I feel relieved. It´s some sort of therapy for me and helps me clear my mind for the day. 
The past week has contained a lot of studies but we´ve managed to do a lot of fun things to. We hang out with many friends and tried to seize every moment we have left in Korea. 
The snow have finally reached Korea, but I actually don´t have any good pictures to show you. I don´t know why but I am not that fascinated about snow as everyone else. Maybe it´s because I´ve seen it too much in Sweden. 
7 December.
Brunch with Ahmi, Gustav and Sebastien <3 After that, we did a group assignment together in Advertising in Society cuz we had a presentation to do. 
7 December.
We were all going out clubing except for Johanna because she felt sick :( She stayed at home but we updated her with snapchat pictures the whole night so she kinda felt like she was participating anyway XD
7 December.
Out in Hongdae @ underground club EXIT. BEEEEER.
10 December.
Coffee time with Kyle from International Student Lounge and Gustav! So cozy and we had a really nice time together. You´re the best Kyle!
10 December.
Later that day, we had some delicious icecream at Baskin & Robbins with Ahmi. Oh my freakkin god I will miss that so much. It´s the most creamy, yummy and soft chocolate icecream I´ve ever had in my whole life. It´s called Sam´s chocolate pie. TRY IT FOR GODS SAKE! 
12 December.
Final presentation about our project in Visual Merchandising. Thank god it´s over!!!! It took so much time to finish building the store, but we finally made it. So proud, but unfortunately I don´t have a photo with my group on my computer so I can only show this one with only me in it haha. We are the best Stina!
12 December.
This wonderful woman is my buddy Christina as you all know;) 
We went to Hand´s up later that day to celebrate that we finished the course. My beer belly is growing bigger...I hated beer before I came to Korea but I have to admit that I´ve recently started to like it >.< Bye bye beach 2014. 
13 December. 
Absolutely love love love this picture! We all look so cute <3 Fantastic four.
13 December.
Dinner at a Irish bar in Itaewon. I had the best burger ever and literally ate like a horse and cleaned the plate in 10 minutes xD
13 December.
And of course we went out clubing after that, the usual route a friday night here in Korea. We started at a bar called Prost. I can´t really describe it but it´s very nice for pre-partying. They have live DJ and the music is so great and sets you on party mode immediately. The prices are okay and we always drink the shot "Quick fuck" when we are there haha, cheers!
13 December.
Gustav, Paul and me <3
A photo from a very good angle. Gustav, you really know how do to this;) #mingle
14 December.
Gustav was studying hard yesterday...So focused! I obviously wasn´t because I was playing with my phone and taking pictures.. 
And that was a summary of the last two weeks. Hope you will enjoy reading it and I will try to study hard now so I can enjoy the last days here with a good conscience.


Gustav typing. First of all: I'll never ever write about my health conditions on this blog again, apparently my grandmother got really worried because of what I wrote last time. Grandma, you should know my know that you never need to worry about me! When I woke up on thursday morning I felt so much better that I decided not to go to the doctor at all. The only reason that I got worried was if there was any risk that I would get a heart attack or anything if I drank alcohol, which we do way often now since it's less than two weeks left.
Me and Anny are having a quite hard time at the moment, facing the fact that we're going home soon. We're very emotional and Anny often confess that she feels like she's going to cry. Two days ago we were at a café with our friend Joan and it was a very emotional moment. I guaranteed that we would still be in touch even when me and Anny are back in Sweden, but it's true that it still wouldn't be the same.
Yesterday was a true study day, but for being able to focus we started the day with a big brunch together with Ahmi and Sébastién, our team members. The four of us have a presentation in our class Advertising in Society this thuesday and we'll talk about product placement in dramas. Our opinion is that it's annyoing but still worth it in exchange of "better dramas", it's a very interesting topic and product placement is extremely common and more accepted here in Korea compared to Sweden. 
When the first group session was finished me and Anny met up with Price for our presentation in Business English. Our final presentation in this class must include a topic related to business and we're going to do a comparison between the Swedish and Korean government. Our focus is the Swedish welfare system and how Korea is on its way to adapt it, but there's still som big differences. The taxes in Sweden are way higher and we spend much more of it to social responsibility than Korea does for now.
See, we do study!
Ahmi and Anny during the brunch, doesn't it look delicious?!
 Price, me and Anny seem to be quite proud over what we have accomplished.


Anny here! It just hit me yesterday that it´s only 14 days remaining here in Korea for me and Gustav. A wave of anxiety washed over me. I´ve been living in a dream over here and I get so scared when I think of it, because I always have to worry about things in Sweden. I seriously feel sick when I realize that we will leave this country soon. I will miss the amazing people, the food, the clubs, the shopping, our cleaning lady in our building, my 8 squaremeters room, when people think I am korean, even the piles with garbage on the streets. It´s really hard to describe how I feel now. It feels like I want to cry all the time and can´t stop thinking about how lucky I am who got the opportunity to be here with my fantastic friends from Sweden. Thank you Korea for giving me such a good experience and I will come here again, I promise!
Okay, enough with my little emotional breakdown there, we have done a lot of things the past weeks and I´ve been tremendously bad at updating you guys. But yeah, I will use my usual "technique": picture + text below to show you:) 
We met Johanna´s buddy Hairi at campus, she was going to study at the library but stopped and talked to us for a while. She works at the schools café all the time, I can´t understand how she can manage studying and working so much at the same time. She is so cute and humble!
Another night in Hongdae at a nice and cozy bar called "Vinyl". Love you guys <3
Hairi took us to a restaurant near Juan Station in Incheon. We had barbeque with some omelet in the edge of the grill. The meet tasted like heaven! I will miss the food so much....Thinking about buying a korean BBQ grill when I get home haha. 
Gustav´s buddy Erica had her birthday two weeks ago and we had some beers together at a bar. She´s a very inspiring young woman with an amazing personality. Yes Gustav, you have the best buddy ever!
Luisa and I wanted to treat our friends with something nice, so we surprised them a saturday morning with Swedish gingerbread, nutella sandwich and tea. Everybody was really happy about it and we had the best breakfast ever since we came here!
Happy people in Hongdae last week! We really love this underground club called Exit. We are going there tonight and shake our asses of;)
Fantastic Ahmi from our schools International Student Lounge a.k.a ISL took me, Gustav, Jeremy and Sebastien to a sushi buffét. It was the sickest thing I´ve seen since I came here. The "rolling band" with the sushi was about 100 meters long. And beside the sushi they had hot food, sashimi, sweets, sallads, drinks, coffee...gaaaaah you name it! It was so delicious and my stomach was about to expload because of the amount of food I ate. Have to loose some weight when I come home!
Homesickness.....My sisters sends me a lot of pictures of what they are doing at home. They are preparing for Christmas and they made a gingercake house. It´s so pretty! I miss my family so much and I can´t wait until I can hug them and talk with them about everything ;(
This is our school project from the course Visual Merchandising. We have to create a brand and build a miniature of the store. Our stores name is "Shape Up", and the concept is indoor training clothes with a lot of colors. We have come a long way now, but it was not easy I must say....The communication is the biggest problem but anyway, I am very proud of what we´ve achieved so far! The deadline is on Monday so we really have to step it up to have a chance to finish it in time. 
We arranged a Christmas Party last thursday and it was really successful. Seemed like everybody had fun and had a lot of drinks;D. The best part with the party was the decorating part! We bought so much Christmas decorations that after we´ve decorated, it looked like Santa Claus vomited in our kitchen haha!
Well well, enough said for this time. Don´t know how many inputs I will write until we leave, maybe one or two more at least:)

Some updates

Hi, Gustabo here (my correct Korean name). Can't believe that I find myself being in december now, soon I'll be able to count the days that's let just on my fingers. Scary. I've been having a slight pain in my chest for about one week know and I think it's unconscious stress. The fun thing is that I am not stressed about my finals at all, but I guess I am having a harder time than I thought about leaving Korea and going back to Sweden. I'll go and visit the school's doctor tomorrow with my buddy Erica though, just to make sure that it isn't something serious.
As mention finals are coming up, but me and Anny are quite lucky because we only have one written exam and in the other courses we've oral presentations (three total). We do prefer having presentations since it means less studying, but obviously they're all group projects and sometimes the communication doesn't really work. In Visual Merchandising we're creating our own brand and building a store in 3D with interior and everything. Unfortunately I am the only Swedish person in my group together with three Koreans and one French, meaning that I speak more Korean than English. Which isn't much.
Some instagram updates:
Luisa and Anny suprised us all on saturday morning with a huge breakfast and had decorated the whole kitchen with christmas decorations. It might not be a traditionally advent candlestick but still it one of the most beautiful I've ever seen. 
Erica asked me once what my favorite hobby in Korea was. I answered shopping. Anny can only agree. So this monday we went to the post office and sent two huge packages home to Sweden with clothes, shoes and magazines. We choosed to send it with ship, which will take about three months...
Yesteday me and Anny went to a sushi buffé with Ahmi, Sébastién and Jéremy. It's impossible to describe.
It. Was. Amazing.

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